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Q1  n. (also q) (pl. Qs or q's) seventeenth letter of the alphabet.


Q2  abbr. (also q.) 1 queen('s). 2 question.


Qc  abbr. Queen's counsel.


Qed  abbr. Which was to be proved. [latin quod erat demonstrandum]


Qm  abbr. Quartermaster.


Qr.  Abbr. Quarter(s).


Qt  abbr. Quart(s).


Qua  conj. In the capacity of. [latin, = in the way in which]


Quack1  —n. Harsh sound made by ducks. —v. Utter this sound. [imitative]


Quack2  n. 1  unqualified practitioner, esp. Of medicine; charlatan (often attrib.: quack cure). 2 slang any doctor.  quackery n. [abbreviation of quacksalver from dutch: probably related to *quack1, *salve1]


Quad1  n. Colloq. Quadrangle. [abbreviation]


Quad2  n. Colloq. Quadruplet. [abbreviation]


Quad3  colloq. —n. Quadraphonics. —adj. Quadraphonic. [abbreviation]


Quadragesima  n. First sunday in lent. [latin quadragesimus fortieth]


Quadrangle  n. 1 four-sided plane figure, esp. A square or rectangle. 2 four-sided court, esp. In colleges.  quadrangular adj. [latin: related to *quadri-, *angle1]


Quadrant  n. 1 quarter of a circle's circumference. 2 quarter of a circle enclosed by two radii at right angles. 3 quarter of a sphere etc. 4 any of four parts of a plane divided by two lines at right angles. 5 a graduated quarter-circular strip of metal etc. B instrument graduated (esp. Through an arc of 90°) for measuring angles. [latin quadrans -ant-]


Quadraphonic  adj. (of sound reproduction) using four transmission channels.  quadraphonically adv. Quadraphonics n.pl. [from *quadri-, *stereophonic]


Quadrate  —adj. Esp. Anat. & zool. Square or rectangular. —n. Rectangular object. —v. (-ting) make square.  [latin quadro make square]


Quadratic  math. —adj. Involving the square (and no higher power) of an unknown quantity or variable (quadratic equation). —n. Quadratic equation.


Quadri-  comb. Form four. [latin quattuor four]


Quadriceps  n. Four-headed muscle at the front of the thigh. [from *quadri-, *biceps]


Quadrilateral  —adj. Having four sides. —n. Four-sided figure.


Quadrille  n. 1 a kind of square dance. 2 music for this. [french]


Quadriplegia  n.  Paralysis of all four limbs.  quadriplegic adj. & n. [from *quadri-, greek plege a blow]


Quadruped  n.  Four-footed animal, esp. A mammal. [latin: related to *quadri-, pes ped- foot]


Quadruple  —adj. 1 fourfold; having four parts. 2 (of time in music) having four beats in a bar. —n. Fourfold number or amount. —v. (-ling) multiply by four. [latin: related to *quadri-]


Quadruplet  n. Each of four children born at one birth.


Quadruplicate  —adj. 1 fourfold. 2 of which four copies are made. —v. (-ting) multiply by four.


Quaff  v. Literary 1 drink deeply. 2 drain (a cup etc.) In long draughts.  quaffable adj. [perhaps imitative]


Quagmire  n. 1 muddy or boggy area. 2 hazardous situation. [from quag bog, *mire]


Quail1  n. (pl. Same or -s) small game-bird related to the partridge. [french quaille]


Quail2  v. Flinch; show fear. [origin unknown]


Quaint  adj. Attractively odd or old-fashioned.  quaintly adv. Quaintness n.  [french cointe from latin cognosco ascertain]


Quake  —v. (-king) shake, tremble. —n. Colloq. Earthquake. [old english]


Quaker  n. Member of the society of friends.  quakerism n.


Qualification  n. 1 accomplishment fitting a person for a position or purpose. 2 thing that modifies or limits (statement had many qualifications). 3 qualifying or being qualified.  qualificatory adj. [french or medieval latin: related to *qualify]


Qualify  v. (-ies, -ied) 1 (often as qualified adj.) Make competent or fit for a position or purpose. 2 make legally entitled. 3 (usu. Foll. By for) (of a person) satisfy conditions or requirements. 4 modify or limit (a statement etc.) (qualified approval). 5 gram. (of a word) attribute a quality to esp. A noun. 6 moderate, mitigate; make less severe. 7 (foll. By as) be describable as, count as (a grunt hardly qualifies as conversation).  qualifier n. [latin qualis such as, of what kind]


Qualitative  adj. Of quality as opposed to quantity.  qualitatively adv.  [latin: related to *quality]


Quality  n. (pl. -ies) 1 degree of excellence. 2 a general excellence (has quality). B (attrib.) Of high quality (a quality product). 3 attribute, faculty (has many good qualities). 4 relative nature or character. 5 timbre of a voice or sound. 6 archaic high social standing (people of quality). [latin qualis such as, of what kind]


Quality control  n. Maintaining of standards in products or services by testing samples.


Qualm  n. 1 misgiving; uneasy doubt. 2 scruple of conscience. 3 momentary faint or sick feeling. [origin uncertain]


Quandary  n. (pl. -ies) 1 perplexed state. 2 practical dilemma. [origin uncertain]


Quango  n. (pl. -s) semi-public body with financial support from and senior appointments made by the government. [abbreviation of quasi (or quasi-autonomous) non-government(al) organization]


Quanta  pl. Of *quantum.


Quantify  v. (-ies, -ied) 1 determine the quantity of. 2 express as a quantity.  quantifiable adj. Quantification n. [medieval latin: related to *quantity]


Quantitative  adj. 1 of quantity as opposed to quality. 2 measured or measurable by quantity.


Quantity  n. (pl. -ies) 1 property of things that is measurable. 2 size, extent, weight, amount, or number. 3 specified or considerable portion, number, or amount (buys in quantity; small quantity of food). 4 (in pl.) Large amounts or numbers; an abundance. 5 length or shortness of vowel sounds or syllables. 6 math. Value, component, etc. That may be expressed in numbers. [latin quantus how much]


Quantity surveyor  n. Person who measures and prices building work.


Quantum  n. (pl. Quanta) 1 physics discrete amount of energy proportional to the frequency of radiation it represents. 2 a required or allowed amount. [latin quantus how much]


Quantum jump  n. (also quantum leap) 1 sudden large increase or advance. 2 physics abrupt transition in an atom or molecule from one quantum state to another.


Quantum mechanics  n.pl. (usu. Treated as sing.) (also quantum theory) physics theory assuming that energy exists in discrete units.


Quarantine  —n. 1 isolation imposed on persons or animals to prevent infection or contagion. 2 period of this. —v. (-ning) put in quarantine. [italian quaranta forty]


Quark1  n. Physics component of elementary particles. [word used by joyce in finnegans wake (1939)]


Quark2  n. A kind of low-fat curd cheese. [german]


Quarrel  —n. 1 severe or angry dispute or contention. 2 break in friendly relations. 3 cause of complaint (have no quarrel with him). —v. (-ll-; us -l-) 1 (often foll. By with) find fault. 2 dispute; break off friendly relations. [latin querela from queror complain]


Quarrelsome  adj. Given to quarrelling.

Quarry1  —n. (pl. -ies) place from which stone etc. May be extracted. —v. (-ies, -ied) extract (stone) from a quarry. [latin quadrum square]


Quarry2  n. (pl. -ies) 1 intended victim or prey. 2 object of pursuit. [latin cor heart]


Quarry tile  n. Unglazed floor-tile.


Quart  n. Liquid measure equal to a quarter of a gallon; two pints (0.946 litre). [latin quartus fourth]


Quarter  —n. 1 each of four equal parts into which a thing is divided. 2 period of three months. 3 point of time 15 minutes before or after any hour. 4 a 25 us or canadian cents. B coin for this. 5 part of a town, esp. As occupied by a particular class (residential quarter). 6 a point of the compass. B region at this. 7 direction, district, or source of supply (help from any quarter). 8 (in pl.) A lodgings. B accommodation of troops etc. 9 a one fourth of a lunar month. B moon's position between the first and second (first quarter) or third and fourth (last quarter) of these. 10 a each of the four parts into which a carcass is divided. B (in pl.) = *hindquarters. 11 mercy towards an enemy etc. On condition of surrender. 12 a grain measure equivalent to 8 bushels. B one-fourth of a hundredweight. C colloq. One-fourth of a pound weight. 13 each of four divisions on a shield. —v. 1 divide into quarters. 2 hist. Divide (the body of an executed person) in this way. 3 a put (troops etc.) Into quarters. B provide with lodgings. 4 heraldry place (coats of arms) on the four quarters of a shield. [latin quartarius: related to *quart]


Quarterback  n. Player in american football who directs attacking play.


Quarter day  n. One of four days on which quarterly payments are due, tenancies begin and end, etc.


Quarterdeck  n. Part of a ship's upper deck near the stern, usu. Reserved for officers.


Quarter-final  n. Match or round preceding the semifinal.


Quarter-hour  n. 1 period of 15 minutes. 2 = *quarter n. 3.


Quarter-light  n.  Small pivoted window in the side of a car, carriage, etc.


Quarterly  —adj. Produced or occurring once every quarter of a year. —adv. Once every quarter of a year. —n. (pl. -ies) quarterly journal.


Quartermaster  n. 1 regimental officer in charge of quartering, rations, etc. 2 naval petty officer in charge of steering, signals, etc.


Quarter sessions  n.pl. Hist. Court of limited criminal and civil jurisdiction, usu. Held quarterly.


Quarterstaff  n. Hist. Stout pole 6–8 feet long, formerly used as a weapon.


Quartet  n. 1 mus. A composition for four performers. B the performers. 2 any group of four. [latin quartus]


Quarto  n. (pl. -s) 1 size of a book or page given by folding a sheet of standard size twice to form four leaves. 2 book or sheet of this size. [latin: related to *quart]


Quartz  n. Silica in various mineral forms. [german from slavonic]


Quartz clock  n. (also quartz watch) clock or watch operated by vibrations of an electrically driven quartz crystal.


Quasar  n. Astron. Starlike object with a large redshift. [from quasi-stellar]


Quash  v. 1 annul; reject as invalid, esp. By a legal procedure. 2 suppress, crush. [french quasser from latin]


Quasi-  comb. Form 1 seemingly, not really. 2 almost. [latin quasi as if]


Quaternary  —adj. 1 having four parts. 2 (quaternary) geol. Of the most recent period in the cenozoic era. —n. (quaternary) geol. This period. [latin quaterni four each]


Quatrain  n. Four-line stanza. [french quatre four]


Quatrefoil  n. Four-pointed or -leafed figure, esp. As an architectural ornament. [anglo-french quatre four: related to *foil2]


Quattrocento  n. 15th-c. Italian art. [italian, = 400, used for the years 1400–99]


Quaver  —v. 1 (esp. Of a voice or sound) vibrate, shake, tremble. 2 sing or say with a quavering voice. —n. 1 mus. Note half as long as a crotchet. 2 trill in singing. 3 tremble in speech.  quavery adj. [probably imitative]


Quay  n. Artificial landing-place for loading and unloading ships. [french]


Quayside  n. Land forming or near a quay.


Queasy  adj. (-ier, -iest) 1 a (of a person) nauseous. B (of the stomach) easily upset, weak of digestion. 2 (of the conscience etc.) Overscrupulous.  queasily adv. Queasiness n. [origin uncertain]


Queen  —n. 1 (as a title usu. Queen) female sovereign. 2 (in full queen consort) king's wife. 3 woman, country, or thing pre-eminent of its kind. 4 fertile female among ants, bees, etc. 5 most powerful piece in chess. 6 court-card depicting a queen. 7 (the queen) national anthem when the sovereign is female. 8 slang offens. Male homosexual. 9 belle or mock sovereign for some event (queen of the may). —v. Chess convert (a pawn) into a queen when it reaches the opponent's side of the board.  queenly adj. (-ier, -iest). Queenliness n. [old english]


Queen-anne  n. (often attrib.) Style of english architecture, furniture, etc., in the early 18th c.


Queen bee  n. 1 fertile female bee. 2 woman who behaves as if she is the most important person in a group.


Queen mother  n. Dowager who is mother of the sovereign.


Queen of the may  n. = *may queen.


Queen-post  n. Either of two upright timbers between the tie-beam and main rafters of a roof-truss.


Queensberry rules  n.pl. Standard rules, esp. Of boxing. [from the name marquis of queensberry]


Queen's counsel  n. Counsel to the crown, taking precedence over other barristers.


Queen's english  n. (prec. By the) english language correctly written or spoken.


Queen's evidence  see *evidence.


Queen's guide  n. Guide who has reached the highest rank of proficiency.


Queen's highway  n. Public road, regarded as being under the sovereign's protection.


Queen's proctor  n. Official who has the right to intervene in probate, divorce, and nullity cases when collusion or the suppression of facts is alleged.


Queen's scout  n. Scout who has reached the highest standard of proficiency.


Queer  —adj. 1 strange, odd, eccentric. 2 shady, suspect, of questionable character. 3 slightly ill; faint. 4 slang offens. (esp. Of a man) homosexual. —n. Slang offens. Homosexual. —v. Slang spoil, put out of order.  in queer street slang in difficulty, esp. In debt. Queer a person's pitch colloq. Spoil a person's chances. [origin uncertain]


Quell  v. 1 crush or put down (a rebellion etc.). 2 suppress (fear etc.). [old english]


Quench  v. 1 satisfy (thirst) by drinking. 2 extinguish (a fire or light). 3 cool, esp. With water. 4 esp. Metallurgy cool (a hot substance) in cold water etc. 5 stifle or suppress (desire etc.). [old english]


Quern  n. Hand-mill for grinding corn. [old english]


Querulous  adj. Complaining, peevish.  querulously adj. [latin queror complain]


Query  —n. (pl. -ies) 1 question. 2 question mark or the word query as a mark of interrogation. —v. (-ies, -ied) 1 ask or inquire. 2 call in question. 3 dispute the accuracy of. [latin quaere imperative of quaero inquire]


Quest  —n. 1 search or seeking. 2 thing sought, esp. By a medieval knight. —v. (often foll. By about) go about in search of something (esp. Of dogs seeking game). [latin quaero quaesit- seek]


Question  —n. 1 sentence worded or expressed so as to seek information or an answer. 2 a doubt or dispute about a matter (no question that he is dead). B raising of such doubt etc. 3 matter to be discussed or decided. 4 problem requiring a solution. —v. 1 ask questions of; interrogate; subject (a person) to examination. 2 throw doubt upon; raise objections to.  be just a question of time be certain to happen sooner or later. Be a question of be at issue, be a problem (it's a question of money). Call in (or into) question express doubts about.


Questionable  adj. Doubtful as regards truth, quality, honesty, wisdom, etc.


Question mark  n. Punctuation mark (?) Indicating a question.


Question-master  n. Person presiding over a quiz game etc.


Questionnaire  n. Formulated series of questions, esp. For statistical analysis. [french: related to *question]


Question time  n. Period in parliament when mps may question ministers.


Queue  —n. Line or sequence of persons, vehicles, etc. Waiting their turn. —v. (queues, queued, queuing or queueing) (often foll. By up) form or join a queue. [latin cauda tail]


Queue-jump  v. Push forward out of turn in a queue.


Quibble  —n. 1 petty objection; trivial point of criticism. 2 evasion; argument relying on ambiguity. 3 archaic pun. —v. (-ling) use quibbles.  quibbling adj. [origin uncertain]


Quiche  n. Savoury flan. [french]


Quick  —adj. 1 taking only a short time (quick worker). 2 arriving after a short time, prompt. 3 with only a short interval (in quick succession). 4 lively, intelligent, alert. 5 (of a temper) easily roused. 6 archaic alive (the quick and the dead). —adv. (also as int.) Quickly. —n. 1 soft sensitive flesh, esp. Below the nails. 2 seat of emotion (cut to the quick).  quickly adv. [old english]


Quicken  v. 1 make or become quicker; accelerate. 2 give life or vigour to; rouse. 3  a (of a woman) reach a stage in pregnancy when movements of the foetus can be felt. B (of a foetus) begin to show signs of life.


Quick-fire  attrib. Adj. Rapid; in rapid succession.


Quick-freeze  v. Freeze (food) rapidly so as to preserve its natural qualities.


Quickie  n. Colloq. Thing done or made quickly.


Quicklime  n. = *lime1.


Quick one  n. Colloq. Drink (usu. Alcoholic) taken quickly.


Quicksand  n. (often in pl.) 1 area of loose wet sand that sucks in anything placed on it. 2 treacherous situation etc.


Quickset   —attrib. Adj. (of a hedge etc.) Formed of cuttings, esp. Hawthorn. —n. Hedge formed in this way.


Quicksilver  n.  Mercury.


Quickstep  n. Fast foxtrot.


Quick-tempered  adj. Easily angered.


Quick-witted  adj. Quick to grasp a situation, make repartee, etc.  quick-wittedness n.


Quid1  n. (pl. Same) slang one pound sterling.  quids in slang in a position of profit. [probably from latin quid what]


Quid2  n. Lump of tobacco for chewing. [a dialect word, = *cud]


Quiddity  n. (pl. -ies) 1 philos. Essence of a thing. 2 quibble; trivial objection. [latin quidditas from quid what]


Quid pro quo  n. (pl. Quid pro quos) return made (for a gift, favour, etc.). [latin, = something for something]


Quiescent  adj. Inert, dormant.  quiescence n. [related to *quiet]


Quiet  —adj. 1 with little or no sound or motion. 2 of gentle or peaceful disposition. 3 unobtrusive; not showy. 4 not overt; disguised. 5 undisturbed, uninterrupted; free or far from vigorous action. 6 informal (quiet wedding). 7 enjoyed in quiet (quiet smoke). 8 not anxious or remorseful. 9 not busy (it is very quiet at work). 10 peaceful (all quiet on the frontier). —n. 1 silence; stillness. 2 undisturbed state; tranquillity. —v. (often foll. By down) make or become quiet or calm.  be quiet (esp. In imper.) Cease talking etc.


Quieten  v. (often foll. By down) = *quiet v.


Quietism  n. Passive contemplative attitude towards life, esp. As a form of mysticism.  quietist n. & adj. [italian: related to *quiet]


Quietude  n. State of quiet.


Quietus  n. Release from life; death, final riddance (will get its quietus). [medieval latin: related to *quiet]


Quiff  n.  1 man's tuft of hair, brushed upward over the forehead. 2 curl plastered down on the forehead. [origin unknown]


Quill  n. 1 (in full quill-feather) large feather in a wing or tail. 2 hollow stem of this. 3 (in full quill pen) pen made of a quill. 4 (usu. In pl.) Porcupine's spine. [probably low german quiele]


Quilt  —n. Coverlet, esp. Of quilted material. —v. Line a coverlet or garment with padding enclosed between layers of cloth by lines of stitching.  quilter n. Quilting n.  [latin culcita cushion]


Quim  n. Coarse slang female genitals. [origin unknown]


Quin  n. Colloq. Quintuplet. [abbreviation]


Quince  n. 1 acid pear-shaped fruit used in jams etc. 2 tree bearing this. [originally a plural, from french cooin, from cydonia in crete]


Quincentenary  —n. (pl. -ies) 500th anniversary; celebration of this. —adj. Of this anniversary. [latin quinque five]


Quincunx  n. Five objects, esp. Trees, at the corners and centre of a square or rectangle. [latin, = five-twelfths]


Quinine  n. Bitter drug obtained from cinchona bark, used as a tonic and to reduce fever. [spanish quina cinchona bark, from quechua kina bark]


Quinquagesima  n. Sunday before lent. [latin quinquagesimus fiftieth]


Quinquennial  adj. 1 lasting five years. 2 recurring every five years.  quinquennially adv. [latin quinquennis from quinque five, annus year]


Quinquereme  n. Ancient roman galley with five files of oarsmen on each side. [latin quinque five, remus oar]


Quintessence  n. 1 (usu. Foll. By of) purest and most perfect form, manifestation, or embodiment of a quality etc. 2 highly refined extract.  quintessential adj. Quintessentially adv. [latin quinta essentia fifth substance (underlying the four elements)]


Quintet  n. 1 mus. A composition for five performers. B the performers. 2 any group of five. [latin quintus]


Quintuple  —adj. Fivefold; having five parts. —n. Fivefold number or amount. —v. (-ling) multiply by five. [latin quintus fifth]


Quintuplet  n. Each of five children born at one birth.


Quintuplicate  —adj. 1 fivefold. 2 of which five copies are made. —v. (-ting) multiply by five.


Quip  —n. Clever saying; epigram. —v. (-pp-) make quips. [perhaps from latin quippe forsooth]


Quire  n. 25 (formerly 24) sheets of paper. [latin: related to *quaternary]


Quirk  n. 1 peculiar feature, peculiarity. 2 trick of fate.  quirky adj. (-ier, -iest). [origin unknown]


Quisling  n. Traitor, collaborator. [quisling, name of a norwegian officer and collaborator with the nazis]


Quit  —v. (-tting; past and past part. Quitted or quit) 1 (also absol.) Give up, let go, abandon (a task etc.). 2 us cease, stop (quit grumbling). 3 leave or depart from. —predic. Adj. (foll. By of) rid of (glad to be quit of the problem). [latin: related to *quiet]


Quitch  n. (in full quitch-grass) = *couch2. [old english]


Quite  adv. 1 completely, entirely, wholly. 2 to some extent, rather. 3 (often foll. By so) said to indicate agreement.  quite a (or some) remarkable or outstanding (thing). Quite a few colloq. A fairly large number of. Quite something colloq. Remarkable thing or person. [var. Of *quit]


Quits  predic. Adj. On even terms by retaliation or repayment.  call it quits acknowledge that things are now even; agree to stop quarrelling. [probably related to *quit]


Quitter  n. 1 person who gives up easily. 2 shirker.


Quiver1  —v. Tremble or vibrate with a slight rapid motion. —n. Quivering motion or sound. [obsolete quiver nimble]


Quiver2  n. Case for arrows. [anglo-french from germanic]


Quixotic  adj. Extravagantly and romantically chivalrous.  quixotically adv. [don quixote, in cervantes' romance]


Quiz  —n. (pl. Quizzes) 1 test of knowledge, esp. As entertainment. 2 interrogation, examination. —v. (-zz-) examine by questioning. [origin unknown]


Quizzical  adj. Expressing or done with mild or amused perplexity.  quizzically adv.


Quod  n.  Slang prison. [origin unknown]


Quoin  n. 1 external angle of a building. 2 cornerstone. 3 wedge used in printing and gunnery. [var. Of *coin]


Quoit  n. 1 ring thrown to encircle an iron peg. 2 (in pl.) Game using these. [origin unknown]


Quondam  attrib. Adj. That once was, sometime, former. [latin adv., = formerly]


Quorate  adj. Constituting or having a quorum. [from *quorum]


Quorum  n. Minimum number of members that must be present to constitute a valid meeting. [latin, = of whom]


Quota  n. 1 share to be contributed to, or received from, a total. 2 number of goods, people, etc., stipulated or permitted. [latin quotus from quot how many]


Quotable  adj. Worth quoting.


Quotation  n. 1 passage or remark quoted. 2 quoting or being quoted. 3 contractor's estimate. [medieval latin: related to *quote]


Quotation marks  n.pl. Inverted commas (‘’ or “ ”) used at the beginning and end of a quotation etc.


Quote  —v. (-ting) 1 cite or appeal to (an author, book, etc.) In confirmation of some view. 2 a repeat or copy out a passage from. B (foll. By from) cite (an author, book, etc.). 3 (foll. By as) cite (an author etc.) As proof, evidence, etc. 4 a enclose (words) in quotation marks. B (as int.) Verbal formula indicating opening quotation marks (he said, quote, ‘i shall stay’). 5 (often foll. By at, also absol.) State the price of. —n. Colloq. 1 passage quoted. 2 price quoted. 3 (usu. In pl.) Quotation marks. [latin quoto mark with numbers]


Quoth  v. (only in 1st and 3rd person) archaic said. [old english]


Quotidian  adj. 1 occurring or recurring daily. 2 commonplace, trivial. [latin cotidie daily]


Quotient  n. Result of a division sum. [latin quotiens -ent- how many times]


Q.v.  Abbr. Which see (in references). [latin quod vide]


Qwerty  attrib. Adj. Denoting the standard keyboard on english-language typewriters etc., with q, w, e, r, t, and y as the first keys on the top row of letters.

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