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UFO Flight Theory, Plasma Flight Technology

By crossing radio waves emitted from 3 separate points, a plasma core is formed at the point where they intersect.

This plasma core is then wrapped around the UFO's body. From there, it can fly around in any direction it pleases by manipulating the plasma intersection point.

Furthermore, by creating a plasma tunnel, and flying within it, the UFO is able to teleport itself.

Inside this UFO enveloped by a plasma core, the outside world is completely shut out, and an independent plasma gravity field is formed. As such, the craft can move at incredible speeds and any sudden movements while the inside remains completely stable.

The technology to equip a UFO with a device to emit radio waves from 3 different points and form a plasma core at the point where they intersect, and to move the UFO by enveloping it in the plasma core and moving that core, is already completed and being used in certain advanced countries.

Of course, this includes the technology to create plasma tunnels and use them for teleportation.

If a large-scale passenger vehicle were to implement this plasma flight technology, people would be able to travel both more cheaply and faster, more safely, and without regard for the weather, which would be a great peaceful advancement for humanity.

I hope that the day when this plasma flight technology is used not only for military applications, but for the peace and progress of all humanity, is not far off.

The Sun has the super biggest huge Oceans and Continents.

The Sun is not made of hydrogen.

The Plasmas which is fulfilled in the Universe and the electricity which current in the Universe and innumerable magnetic poles and magnetic fields of The Sun make and cause the super biggest huge heats and lights of the Sun.

The Sun is not burning.

There is no nuclear fusion in the Sun.

Therefore, the Sun is forever.

Uehara Katsuki

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